Rockwood Necessories Outdoor Living Kits

Sunny days in the Northwest are a precious commodity. Outdoor living areas in the region must be versatile enough to perform rain or shine, extending the outdoor season as much as possible. Rockwood’s Necessories outdoor kits by Basalite are the perfect solution. Impressively affordable and astoundingly attractive, most of these DIY kits can be assembled by two people in just one afternoon or faster.

The ready-to-assemble outdoor living kits come with everything needed, including precut, sized-to-fit blocks; reinforcements; adhesive; and easy-to-read, step-by-step instructions. Featuring Rockwood Retaining Walls multi-piece wall systems, the aged appearance and earthy tones of each of the three kit color choices enhance the architectural style of any home. Necessories mantels and tops from Silver Creek Stoneworks look and feel like hand-chiseled, natural limestone, but at a fraction of the cost. The kits are modular, so you can build your vision all at once or add new features later.

As an added bonus, Parr Lumber offers free delivery with a minimum purchase of $500. See our delivery charge policy for more information.

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