Parr Lumber History

The year 1929 was transformational for millions of Americans. The Great Depression found people in all walks of life suddenly without jobs and without hope for the future. For a very few individuals though, times like these were seized upon as an opportunity to build something new, something important, and eventually something very successful. Dwight Parr, Sr. was one of those individuals.

An accountant by training, Dwight Parr, Sr. made a successful living until the big stock market crash of ’29. The depression had taken his job, but not his experience, energy and business savvy. After scanning the horizon for a new business opportunity, he came upon a small lumberyard in Vancouver, Washington in early 1930. Dwight’s analysis of the situation told him that with enough personal effort and dedication he could make a go of it. He tapped into his savings to bring Parr Lumber to life.

Parr made a living with this yard despite the hard times. He dedicated himself to serving his customers and helping the community build and grow. As time passed Dwight’s hard work led to more success.

Through the years one thing that has never changed is Parr’s true commitment to customer service.

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