How to Build a Cinder Block Garden Bench

There is nothing like sitting in the garden during the summer and enjoying all the plants and wildlife around you. The problem is finding a nice and inexpensive bench to sit on when you are out in the garden. Have you ever consider building your own? Amber, the manager at our Albany yard, has a great idea that she decided to share with us. This one was pretty easy to build and it was cheap too. All you need are some cinder blocks, some 4×4’s, a little paint, some adhesive and some cushions.

Cinder Block Garden Bench - start | Parr Lumber

First, Amber painted 12 cinder blocks a nice warm color with exterior paint. Then she stacked the blocks about 6 feet apart and secured them with adhesive (Liquid Nails worked well) so they wouldn’t fall over, and ran the 4×4’s between the bricks. She then placed the cushions on the boards and she was done. It was quick and easy. With the colorful cushions and warm paint it looked very cute. For all the materials you need, stop by your local Parr Lumber.

Cinder Block Garden Bench - end | Parr Lumber

Here’s a DIY video that shows the garden bench project from start to finish:

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