Cabinet Organization Ideas to Maximize Storage Space

Who doesn’t need more space in their kitchen? Here are some ideas to help you corral your stuff and get more organized without needing a full kitchen remodel. 

1. Use a plate rack to store plates vertically.

A vertical plate rack is a great way to conserve space and protect your plates and dishes from scratches and chips. It’s also easier to get just the plate you need – no more lifting them down to reach the bottom one. Plate racks can be added to your existing cabinets or installed with new ones.

2. Don’t waste corner space.

One of the largest wasted spaces in a kitchen are the corner cabinets. They can be deep and getting things in and out isn’t easy. Lazy susans can rotate things toward you, giving you easy access to pots and pans, dishes, spices, or whatever else you want to store in them.

3. Install pull-out shelves.

If your cabinet system doesn’t already have pull-out shelves, you need to get them. They allow you to reach the stuff in the back of the cabinet with ease, instantly giving you more usable space.

4. Organize your drawers.

Whether you purchase a drawer organizer or install permanent compartments in your drawers, getting your silverware and utensils in line will save you significant time in meal prep. No more combing through an overloaded drawer to find the can opener or rubber spatula. Custom organizers allow you to size the compartments to fit your needs.

5. Add more shelves.

Depending on your cabinet system, you may be able to add shelves or move them around. If you can’t adjust your shelf height or add new ones, you can always purchase a helper shelf or shelf riser. These handy gadgets instantly add shelf space, giving you more room to stack stuff. They can be particularly useful for stacking dishes, coffee mugs, or teacups.

6. Install hooks inside cabinet doors.

Place some adhesive hooks inside a cabinet door to store teaspoons, measuring cups, or other items. This will free up shelf and drawer space, as well as keep you organized when baking or cooking.

7. Use vertical separators.

Similar to a plate rack, using vertical separators can help you conserve space for items you normally stack. Vertical wood partitions can be inserted in any cabinet space, and are perfect for storing baking sheets, cutting boards, pizza stones, and other large flat items. It also protects them from rubbing against one another which can cause scratching or chipping.

8. Create a coffee/tea nook.

Organize your morning by creating a coffee or tea nook where you store all the supplies you need to get the day started. This tactic can be applied throughout your kitchen by creating zones for certain activities you perform regularly. For example, you can store your seasonings near the stove, so they’re ready to be added when you need them. Or create a drink station by storing all your soda, drink mixes, and glasses in the same cabinet. Having zones saves you time preparing food and drink, giving you more time with your family and friends.

9. Labels, labels, and more labels.

If you use opaque containers and baskets to store your stuff in, be sure to add a label to each one. This will save you time hunting for the right basket. But don’t use just plain white labels; choose some with patterns or graphics on them to complement your kitchen. You can print out the labels to look neat and uniform or write them by hand for a more casual appearance.

10. Use bins to corral your plastic containers and lids.

Everyone has a stash of plastic containers that seem to take over their cabinet space. First, go through them and toss or recycle any that don’t have a lid, are worn, or don’t match. Then, organize them by size and put them in a bin or basket in your cabinets or a drawer. Having the containers in one place will make them easier to manage. 

11. Enclose appliances.

Create an “appliance garage.” This enclosed area allows you to store your countertop appliances behind a door, keeping them out of sight when they aren’t in use. Be sure to add an electrical outlet to the compartment so you don’t have to move the appliances to use them.

12. Don’t waste narrow spaces.

If you have narrow slivers of space in your kitchen that aren’t being used, consider adding a narrow cabinet. Small spaces are perfect for storing spice jars, pantry items, or baking pans. Use a pull-out shelf to allow access to the entire space, front to back.

Using these tips will give you a cleaner, more organized kitchen. But if that’s not enough, it may be time to rethink your cabinets. The Parr Cabinet Design Center can help you plan, design, and install your new cabinetry. We cover the cabinets, hardware, countertops, and appliances. To get started on your new kitchen plan, contact us today.