Make Bacon Explode with Smoky Flavor This Father’s Day

It’s Father’s Day this Sunday. This year, how about grilling something special for good old dad? Cooking is actually very easy with a Traeger Grill and you don’t even need to babysit it. Just relax with the family until the food is ready to eat. Continue reading and we’ll share our sensational bacon explosion breakfast meatloaf recipe. It’s delicious and will make dads everywhere happy!

By the way, there’s still a few days left to take advantage of our specials on Traeger Grills.

Bacon Explosion Breakfast Meatloaf Recipe

2 pounds ground turkey
2 pounds ground pork
1 pound chicken breakfast sausage
1/2 pound ham
1 pound hashbrowns
5 eggs
8oz package shredded cheese
2 tbsp Traeger Pork & Poultry Seasoning

Mix turkey, pork, and seasoning and spread into a sheet about 1/2″ thick on a sheet of foil. Mix ham, hashbrowns, eggs, and cheese in a bowl and spread out on the ground turkey, pork mixture. Spread the breakfast sausage over the hashbrown mixture. Roll one side up, then bring the other side over and join together.

Start the Traeger at 250 degrees for about 1/2 hour. Then turn down to 180 degrees for 2-3 hours. Finally, finish at 250 degrees until internal temp is 180 degrees.